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Personal coach & nutrition consultant

My method... in 90 seconds

The essence of my working method is that we start from your reality. You have your daily life, your situation and responsibilities, and also certain preferences when it comes to nutrition and exercise. And of course, your own physique and actual condition.

As a personal coach I help you to become more energetic and improve your health, in a way that suits you. A healthier lifestyle makes everyone happier and it's great to see someone achieve that. I have been using my knowledge and experience for years with great pleasure.

Ortho what...?


Your personal coach!

  • With my method we work on all health dimensions simultaneously; body, mind and nutrition – in a personal and positive way. Throughout the sessions you will build up a lot of knowledge and understanding, which will help you make well-founded choices that work for you in the long term. Personal guidance sessions will become steadily less necessary: you will book concrete progress and obtain the knowledge and tools you need to realize sustainable changes.  

  • For example, in the first phase there can be multiple sessions a week, and in the last phase once is enough. After four months, your health has improved sustainably and you have adjusted your lifestyle, plus you have the skills and knowledge to keep it that way. In principle, you no longer need direct guidance. As a personal coach, I will of course remain at your disposal for advice, refresher moments or guided training.


  • Professional coaching and leadership

  • Weight Consultant

  • Professional Personal Trainer, Vitality and Health Coach

  • Relaxation trainer, spinal trainer and nutrition consultant

  • Sports and Exercise Leader (CIOS)

  • Higher Instruction Ability (Military)

  • Medical rescue training (military)

  • Heeresbergfuhrer: internationally sworn military mountain guide

  • Commando, with specializations as Sniper, Mountain Rescuer, Paratrooper and Extreme Survival


The coaching takes place in my studio in Pretoria, Waterkloof Ridge (secured estate). Apart from the coaching area, it has a fully equipped exercise room with professional equipment for fitness, functional movement and cardio. Adjacent to a beautiful and secured natural valley for outdoor sessions.

Many happy customers have already preceded you




“Richard's humor, his personal approach, tips, and dedication have truly made a difference for me. In addition to his extensive knowledge and practical experience, he is also quietly inspiring. During my journey, I gained more confidence, became stronger, lost weight, and even quit smoking.

Thanks, Richard!”                                                                                                                       Read more




“Richard is a coach who seamlessly integrates his unique expertise in the fields of sports, nutrition, and relaxation with a profound understanding of what motivates people. With his extensive work experience in various contexts and countries, he is a coach who means a lot to his clients whom he guides both personally and professionally.”

Read more

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