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Intensive guidance is especially important in the first phase, after which we gradually reduce the number of guided sessions. Your personal plan introduces small changes step-by-step and has built-in benchmarks. So we are not going to rigorously change everything, but we are going to do everything a little better until you can continue independently. That will help you forever.

Mental coaching supports the achievement of personal but also professional goals by helping to overcome obstacles and strengthening self-confidence and motivation. Reflecting and working on yourself is an important part of becoming a better version of yourself.

Een coach voor jou

During 1-on-1 sessions we will exercise/exercise together. We discuss your current situation and do a thorough movement analysis: the Functional Movement Screen (FMS). With this internationally recognized method I map out your stability, mobility and flexibility. I then develop a tailor-made exercise plan, with which we will work on a responsible build-up. Together we choose which forms of exercise suit you best. It's very personal; what you like but also what is feasible in terms of time and location. I teach you to perform movements and exercises very consciously and efficiently, you will see that you will achieve a great effect quickly. We will also vary cardio sessions so that not only your fitness improves, but also your technique.

Nutrition is more than calories. Eating an apple has a different effect than bread or cheese, but how does that work? Why do you tend to snack at a certain time of the day or does your energy level drop? What are useful choices? I will teach you more about how your metabolism works and I will make a personal nutrition plan for you, with guidance. Including practical recipes for dishes you like and tips for shopping.

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