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From Special Forces to Health Coach.

Health, sports and coaching have always been an important part of my life, both professionally and privately. I spent the lion's share of my career working for the Commando Corps, the special forces unit of the Royal Netherlands Army. I specialized in operating and surviving in the mountains and extreme climates. As a commando, it was essential to be fit and stable and to continuously develop myself, even during deployments. I was responsible for training and instruction, which matched my interest in methodology, didactics and coaching. After my military career, I worked as a bodyguard for Dutch diplomats in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Here too, it was essential to cope well with stress.

Over the years it became increasingly clear to me how exercise, nutrition and mental awareness are inextricably linked. And, that so many people find it a challenge to live a healthy life, despite all the knowledge we have and despite the real desire to feel fit and wake up rested. That is why I have specialized professionally as a health coach. I completed training as a mental coach, nutritional consultant, functional movement specialist, vitality coach and personal trainer. But also about spinal problems, dealing and coping with stress, the functioning of hormones, preventing injuries and mindfulness. I developed my own method for an integrated and holistic approach to all dimensions of health. In my experience, this is the most effective way for everyone to actually and sustainably live a healthier lifestyle.

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In addition to the fun and rewarding work as a coach, I enjoy sports – currently ultra-running, yoga and strength training plus anything outdoors with my family. I like to cook and read a lot: about coaching, mind, nutrition and exercise, but also the books by my favorite writer Murakami. I follow training and courses to continue to broaden and deepen my expertise. Most recently I completed my training as yoga instructor: yoga to me is a great combination of balance, focus and movement which is also applicable in my health coaching practice.


  • Living in South Africa since 2021, with own coaching practice in Pretoria.

  • 2017-2021 in the Netherlands, own studio at Landgoed Marlot in The Hague for personal guidance and clinics. In addition, workshops for government and private sector plus mental guidance for sports professionals. Previously in Spain and Austria.

  • Specialized and active as a Health Coach since 2012

  • Five years personal security detail for diplomats at the Dutch embassies in Baghdad, Kabul and Tripoli

  • Eighteen years Commando, Corps of Commando Troops (KCT) - including deployments abroad, development of instruction and trainings, alpine, ski and survival instructor


  • Yoga Teacher - Vinyasa Flow (RYS Yoga Alliance)

  • Professional coaching and leadership (Coachcentre The Hague)

  • Orthomolecular therapist (Ortho Health Foundation)

  • Functional Movement Screen (FMS) 1 and 2

  • Weight consultant (Laudius campus)

  • Professional Personal Trainer, Vitality and Health Coach (Sports Academy Vienna)

  • Relaxation trainer, spinal trainer and nutritional consultant (Sports Academy Vienna)

  • Sports and exercise leader (CIOS)

  • Running technique and blood sample tests

  • Higher instructional competence (military)

  • Medical emergency trainings

  • Heeresbergführer: internationally sworn military mountain guide

  • Commando, specializations including sniper, mountain rescuer, paratrooper and extreme survival

  • Further professional courses:  Nutrition and hormones, Treatment protocols for hormonal complaints, Neurotransmitters in daily practice and the Braverman test, Low Carb and Paleo nutrition, Plant-based power kitchen – energy through food

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