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"I have worked with Richard in various contexts. Richard has guided me in the fields of mental and physical health, adding insights on how to intensify my development taking the right nutrition. I got to know Richard as a dedicated professional with very high professional standards. He takes his own personal and professional development very seriously, whilst staying open for feedback.


Richard supports his coaching moments with relevant theoretical information, test reports and other relevant info. Most importantly, Richard being the warm and friendly guy he is, provided me the safe and inspiring environment that I needed to boost my development!

CEO - Coachcenter




“I had a period of coaching with Richard, during which he profoundly understood the essence of my situation (grieving, how to approach it?). In an extremely safe environment, I was given the space to experience my sorrow and gradually find a place for it in a structured process. Richard provided me with valuable insights, enabling me to better cope with the new situation. His guidance brought peace and understanding, teaching me to look at my changed circumstances with love. As the conversations and exercises progressed, my self-confidence grew more and more.


Thank you, Richard, my joy for life is back!”


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"Richard has taught me a lot that I now apply daily. In the realm of physical activity, he has made me aware of how I interact with my body. By deliberately and efficiently performing exercises, I have noticed that this yields much better results in the long term. I can now better manage physical discomfort, and thanks to stretching, I even experience relief from pain.

Regarding nutrition, I posed a challenge for Richard as I wanted to gain weight. Thanks to his guidance, I now view my daily nutrition differently. Although the weight gain is minimal, I am fortunately no longer losing weight.

We also focused on relaxation, creating space to discuss important matters. By naming issues, you ultimately learn to deal with them better.

Throughout the entire process, Richard's extensive knowledge in all areas consistently came to the forefront. He guides in a professional manner, with patience, enthusiasm, and occasionally a touch of humor. He has truly motivated me to continue with my current exercise routine.”




“Richard, a highly experienced professional coach, has purposefully encouraged me to achieve my fitness and weight goals. His customized workout programs consistently evolved, enhancing effectiveness and motivation. Personal attention and precise measurements of my progress through body and motion analyses allowed us to work specifically on areas for improvement. A concrete example is the analysis of my running technique, resulting in significant improvements. Discussions based on video analyses increased my awareness of my running posture, enabling me to make corrections while running.


Additionally, Richard provided valuable information on a personalized healthy eating pattern, leading me to consciously adopt healthier eating habits without immediate restriction. Thanks to his positive nature and optimism, he also serves as my mental coach, albeit unsolicited.


In summary, Richard's holistic approach to exercise, nutrition, and mental coaching has brought more balance to my life. His methodical approach and awareness have led to a lasting behavioral change that I will benefit from for a lifetime.”




“Richard's humor, his personal approach, tips, and dedication have truly made a difference for me. In addition to his extensive knowledge and practical experience, he is also quietly inspiring. During my journey, I gained more confidence, became stronger, lost weight, and even quit smoking.

Thanks, Richard!”




“Richard is a coach who seamlessly integrates his unique expertise in the fields of sports, nutrition, and relaxation with a profound understanding of what motivates people. With his extensive work experience in various contexts and countries, he is a coach who means a lot to his clients whom he guides both personally and professionally.”

Max -  singer and musician




"In Richard Holleman, you can rely on targeted and efficient training, made possible by a thorough analysis of your personal fitness. As a physiotherapist, I am convinced of Richard's skills, as he possesses outstanding knowledge in the field of health prevention and always pays attention to crucial details during training."


Bialik Mateusz, BSc Physiotherapist




“Richard establishes connections in a relaxed manner and effortlessly brings out the best in people. Thanks to our years of collaboration, I can confirm that he always strives for high-quality results. He is a driven and professional instructor with a friendly personal approach.”


Colonel Joris

Green Berets - Dutch Special Forces




“In 2015, I initially encountered Richard at the sports academy in Vienna, where he was enrolled in a training program to achieve his degree as a professional Health Fitness and Personal Trainer.

Richard immediately stood out due to his natural leadership qualities and open attitude towards fellow participants. It's remarkable how, amidst numerous courses where names often fade from memory, I could recall Richard from the very first day, thanks to his international experiences and sense of humor.


If you're seeking someone who can provide not just an average but exceptionally excellent training for you or your company, I wholeheartedly recommend Richard Holleman. In individual training, Richard distinguishes himself with a perfect blend of humor, knowledge, discipline, and a strong personal empathy. If you are serious about achieving your goals, you are in very good hands with Richard Holleman.”


Mag. Carina Haimbl

Instructor, Sports Academy Vienna

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